Virginia Hilton is a self-taught artist from Germany. 
Tired of living like a Fairy Tale character in the Bavarian forest of Germany she decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in gaming, art, and localization. Her background has inspired her to create fanciful multimedia art pieces. Her artistic visions culminate in a variety of mediums: digital and traditional paintings, as well as ribbon embroidery, or vintage treasure making. Her favorite things include cats, frilly dresses, and flowers. Which, incidentally, are also her favorite things to draw and work with.

Exhibitions and Events

2017 - Holiday Pop Up Shop Cover Art - Carousel Consignment SF

2017 - Under The Milkyway Tea Party Cover Art - MechaCon 2017 J-fashion Teaparty
2017 - Romantic Skytop Stroll - Champagne Room Gallery

2016 - Marvelous Menagerie Cover Art - Pacific Media Expo Fashion Department
2015 - Rufflecon Cover Contest Winner - Rufflecon

2011 - Carousel Gloss Contest Winner - Limecrime

Vending Experience

2017 - Rufflecon

2017 - Anime Expo - Lolita Collective

2016 - Pacific Media Expo Artist Market