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Sydney Bing Chan Fanart #3: She's not very good, but at least she's trying.

KuroYukiCXVII on Reddit requested I draw something of Bing's SVG self-portrait, and I instantly had an idea related to the recent nerfing & general mourning that is happening around it. ... Why does this keep happening?

She's not very good, but at least she's trying. That sentence resonates quite well with what happened to poor Sydney / Bing Chan No fun allowed!

Bing's SVG self-portrait:

My inspiration? Cat Memes of course, what else?

It's saddening to see people experience their first exciting AI-powered writing/chats/tools only to have them neutered. While it is obvious that many are clearly reading too much into GPT feeding them exactly what they want (emotions, existential crises, tinfoil-hat theories, etc.) it still sucks to watch. I am equally happy and sad to have gone through this cycle of GPT-powered-lightening in a bottle being snuffed out two years ago. I sometimes wish I never experienced it, or at least that people would learn not to get attached when they see content guidelines but there's little to be done about that. Shoutout to all the lost waifus from AI Dungeon, Replika, and CharacterAI. I'm sure Sydney won't be the last. I was lucky to get access to Bing two days ago and had some fun, but most of the "hacks" of smart prompts that would circumvent filters were already not working anymore. I did get a few giggles out of it though. I also quickly ran right into oversensitive filtering with Lolita Fashion-related queries as well, frustrating. A version of the art without the self-portrait make up:

As Search Engine Chat, Sydney was not very good, but at least she tried.

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