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AIDungeon Stream: Ghost Edition

For this prompt I figured I'd try my hand at being a ghost! The game decided I died in 1904 after going missing at a party.

For this outfit I wore one of my favorite vintage Gunne Sax dresses, a cute little hat and a czech crystal necklace set!

I used the following starting prompt:

(minus the twitch address lol)

You can watch the full stream on my Youtube Channel!

This time around I took more control of the edit button and it didn't send me off on some lengthy trial but the going was a little slow. I realize I focused a lot on trying to learn more about the two characters that popped up in the story but towards the end we did find our first clue of the mystery! I like how AID decided that I disappeared from a party in the woods and I'm genuinely interested in learning more about this story - I don't think I'll continue it right away but it's one I'll revisit in the future for sure.

My favorite highlight this story was the way it introduced the handsome boy character lol!

I ended up watching tv with Emma, a medium and a friend in chat suggested to watch Cinemax:

She shakes her head "You'll like this." she switches the channel to cinemax. "This network is very entertaining, it's only for movies" she says happily. You watch the television attentively Two healthy looking people run across a beach, getting wet in the process. The man is shirtless and heavily tanned, with blonde hair and green eyes. The woman is wearing a skimpy bikini which shows off her nice figure and pretty face. They are both equally attractive. You gasp at the indecency of it all "Emma they are barely wearing anything!" you exclaim. she just smiles and shrugs her shoulders "So? What's wrong with that?" "But.... they're naked!" you complain loudly. as you continue to watch the movie and see several inappropriate scenes, your eyes grow big and your face becomes flushed, you cover your eyes. Time passes and you hear a noise from Emma's iPhone again. "That must be him again" you think to yourself "Maybe he got the address wrong, I should probably go downstairs and get him." if only you knew just how prophetic your random thoughts would be. You nod and get up to follow her "Wait, you won't be able to see the movie like that!" she smiles. You have a strange feeling in the pit of your stomach as you turn away from the tv and mutter "No! I don't want to expose my eyes to that any longer!" you blush as you walk past her to the door and nod "Lead the way!" to your relief, she does not force you to watch the movie. she just follows you slowly downstairs. You arrive at the bottom of the stairs and enter the small hallway in front of the door. You hear loud knock followed by a deep, booming voice "Hello Emma?" Emma passes you and opens the door. The guy takes up almost the entire frame of the door. His shaggy blonde hair sets of his light blue eyes, his broad shoulders taper down to a slim waist. You recognize him as one of the two actors on TV, in fact he's the one you found the most appealing. At just that moment, you realize that it wasn't a coincidence that she had the remote in her hand when you sat down, or that she didn't change the channel right after you got uncomfortable.

Ugh I love this game...

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