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[Art Trade with Metalmiku] A throne fit for a queen

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

You might have seen my endless toiling on this piece on social media or stream already, and I am happy to report that Kerttu is seated in a throne fit for the queen that she is!

I've been stalking Metalmiku ever since I saw her art pop up under the #AIDungeon hashtag on Instagram, and it was love at first sight. Her style is so unique and cool, and it evokes thousands of old-school Oekaki board memories! Not to mention she KNOWS how to draw hot dudes in sexy armor!

I finally scraped together enough courage to ask Miku if she'd be up for an art trade, and I was super hyped to hear that she wanted me to draw her cutie Kerttu - especially since the Kerttu x Terminator Ai Dungeon art was what helped me discover her in the first place!

Metalmiku's art on Instagram So for my concept, I decided to literally steal Kerttu and treat her as if I was the generic AI Dungeon characters I encounter in my stories. I'd pluck her out of that street she went to sleep in - the transportation would destroy her dress a little, but that works to show off her pretty legs anyway, and then I'd sit her onto my pretty throne because pretty things go along together beautifully.

(I admit the dress is torn because I couldn't get the wedding dress she wears in this story to look right on the throne) And I'm pretty sure Kerttu would get a kick out of it as well.

Kerttu reference on Metalmiku's DeviantArt I just love this quote on her character sheet: She's certain some have fallen in love with her. For the throne, I let myself get inspired by Metalmiku's art style and her amazing stories. I sat down to inhale all of her LINE webtoon Sons of God.

I loved everything about it, and I really had the urge to draw something that reflects the way she draws armor. I let myself get carried away with the mirror ruler...

I started putting in some knights and a spooky moth-inspired ruler holding a cool sword Each one of them got different weapons and a cool pose, because why not!?

I managed to mess up the timelapse because I adjusted the canvas size a few times mid-drawing, but this should still illustrate some of the progress! Oh, I also streamed 90% of this painting over on my Twitch!

Throne outlines! I put a ruler in the middle of the painting to mirror every movement horizontally and went nuts! It's so therapeutic to simply lose yourself in the movement of the brush.

Overall, by peeking at my Twitch hours and guesstimating, I'd say I sat somewhere around 18~20 hours total for this piece.

Okay, okay and now for the utter magnificence and perfection that is Metalmiku's Kyros rendition!!! I keep grinning stupidly whenever I glance at him >:D Deviantart: Husband from the Stars by Metalmiku Instagram: Husband from the Stars HE IS SO P E R F E C T! *swoons*

I'm so grateful for this opportunity! Please check out Metalmiku's art, it is absolutely and utterly stunning.

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