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Butterfly Princess

I've been playing a lot with NovelAI's Clio and one of my more recent blogs is about magical animal clans and their struggles. Of course the cookie cutter romance between a butterfly princess and a dragon prince inspired a session of image generation shenanigans with the modified NovelAI model that is trained on my art and photos and well, out came this little butterfly beauty!

I know some of the wings are a little whack but gosh the expression took my breath away! I just loved everything about her so I knew, this was going to be how my butterfly princess should look and naturally, I got the itch to sketch a little >:D I really liked the idea of a dress with chest wings, so I figured I'd make the front of whatever white gown she'd be wearing have a nice set of wings. Can't wait to sit down and try to describe this to the AI in text form... ehhh! Anyway, this didn't take too long - I'm enjoying sketching and iterating with the AI along the way, which continues to cut down a considerable amount of time! It was a nice little exercise, I hope to sketch more of my story characters again!

Matching timelapse - didn't realize the image was flipped, eh!

I found most of the prompt on the NovelAI Discord, people have such a talent for sniffing out amazing content! I recommend browsing nai-diffusion-showcase if you ever want to see amazing prompt ideas! For shits and giggles I ran the same prompt through regular NAIDiffusion Curated:

Prompt: 1girl, hair, eyeball, {gradient eyes, multicolored eyes}, [sparkling eyes], petals, water dress, hair flower, bokeh, {{ultra detailed, detailed background}}, {{{glowing petals, high quality, beautiful, stunning, dazzingly bright}}}, high detail, {fireflies, elegant, ornate}, hdr, highres, high quality, beautiful display, colorful, dynamic pose, {{{{{{orange, butterflies Undesired Content: lowres, bad anatomy, worst quality ,low quality,normal quality, jpeg, bangs, artifacts, signature, watermark, username, blurry, bad feet, artist name, bad anatomy, blonde hair, red hair, elf, blue, purple, portrait, pink

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