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AIDungeon Stream: Pirate Edition

I finally found a fantastic reason to dress up again even while stuck in quarantine!

It's been about two weeks since I have completely fallen in love with AI Dungeon an AI text rpg game without limits. I absolutely love just throwing myself into all kinds of different settings and stories and I thought it'd be super fun to literally dress as my characters and stream the story progress on my Twitch channel!

I'm having a blast brainstorming different prompts and outfits and I feel like I finally get to use a lot of my lolita & vintage wardrobe that hasn't seen much use up until now!

I couldn't keep a straight face at the ridiculousness of it all

Anyway, I recently got this super cute tricorne style hat from a fellow amazing Lolita, The Fashionable Cupcake and it was just too good to not use it for a pirate themed story!

This was my second time streaming AID and I definitely let the AI lead me by the nose on this one. I didn't take the reigns and it kind of made me go on an exhausting trial... it did have some good moments though...

You can watch the full stream on my Youtube Channel!

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