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AIDungeon: Vampire Edition

The game keeps bringing up #vampires all the time anyway, so I had to give in...

TBH I always wanted a reason to order myself vampire teeth and Amazon Prime delivery is a gift from the gods... Anyway! I pulled out my hime-style wig from Alice Holic for this outfit! I wore a really old Baby the Stars Shine Bright blouse and one of my own feather corsages. For accessories I used a vintage frosted glass & pearl necklace and this cute costume ring - both obtained what feels like 100 ago at Dapper Day. Oh! and a custom nail set from BB and B made for an ILD a few years ago! Now let's hop to the story:

I, a vampire, find myself getting harassed via email, by a vampire hunter. Naturally I turn to my servant/companion for help and a snack. Turns out his snack wasn't good enough for my refined taste, so we decide to devour some graveyard game QA's at Taco Bell® (but not before feeding them DORITOS® LOCOS TACOS) - it's pretty gorey so TW for that - naturally, the cops catch us and we end up taking care of them too - which is pretty gorey too so more TWs. In the end the vampire hunter drugs Kyle, our companion (who has a name now!)

It's revealed that Kyle's fanfic (spoiler: it's about us - roles reversed) is what led the vampire hunter WHO'S HIS BEST FRIEND to us!?

You can watch the full stream on my Youtube Channel!

(TW: Gore!!!)

here are my favorite highlights:

Don't give out your social media to strangers (TW: GORE)

LA public transit

"For /v/"


Play AIDUNGEON over at (and support them so it can become the skynet it deserves to be!)

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