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Review: Aliceva Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes

Last year in December I decided to give magnetic eyelashes a try for the first time! Gosh, they are a blessing for the unskilled plebs like me! I purchased two different types, one that would clip around your lashes (one below and one above), and then the other type attaches to magnetic eyeliner. Let's not talk about the clipping type, that failed MISERABLY but the other one ~ oh yes! Finally! As someone that would spend HOURS redoing makeup because I'd fail with fake lashes over and over... magnetic lashes are a godsend!

So I decided I wanted MOAR recently, and I found out that the brand I used the most - Eylure only has like 4 different styles I quickly needed to look elsewhere to get my fix. Huzzah, Amazon! To be fair they're all from china, and there are billions of listings of the same ones. I picked one I thought I'd like the most and voila! This is what I decided to go with:


$25.05 + Free Prime Shipping on Amazon

My Review:

I purchased the 10 pair set but it seems like it's sold out at the moment. I needed a good variety of styles for some over-the-top characters and I felt this has a great selection. Once I got them I ended up using them that same night. I'll be honest with you I am hesitant on using the actual lash liner (I have 4 tubes from the Eylure brand still and I use those instead)

The trick to getting magnetic lashes to stay is to slather your eyelid and the lashes in the magnetic liner! That way they have enough hold to grip on to. Finally, you can really GLUE them on there by using mascara to merge them with your natural lashes! Sometimes they like to attach to the lash and sit a little odd but I recommend using different mirrors to check the angle (or even your phone, if you switch to your selfie cam and get a glimpse from below you can easily tell how they are sitting and fix as needed) most of the time repositioning works without a hitch but ever so often part of the magnetic liner will come lose and you will need to reapply. The second more annoying thing is that you need at least 2 layers for stuff to stay on and that requires a little bit of drying time. Don't rush this part or you'll just end up wasting more time when you redo it because it messed up.

Now to the lashes themselves, variety is great, the length is great too, I did end up trimming one pair only because it sat a little odd but I didn't run into that issue with any of the others and I'd say I tried 7 out of the 10 different styles so far. I do wish the more over the top ones were... more dramatic but that's because I'm over the top and can't help it... but for every day use these are absolutely amazing! I recommend getting a strong makeup remover though because the lash liner is hard to take off (especially if you cake your lashes in the stuff lol) Overall I definitely recommend these for the price of $ 25 - when I bought it with Prime shipping they even arrived the next day!

Overall Rating:

❤❤❤❤❤ (5/5)

How to purchase:

You can purchase the Aliceva Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes by Aliceva, Magnetic Eyelashes Kit, 10 Pairs Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes & Magnetic Eyeliner with Tweezers on Amazon, if you use the links on this blog post you will be redirected through my associate program links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Finally here are some images of me using them:

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

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