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Review: Anna Sui - Milky Face Wash

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

I recently needed to get some new facial care items and noticed that Anna Sui released a pretty affordable new line of products. I figured I'd give them a try and review some of the items I picked up!

Product Description:

Achieve a bouncy moisturized skin with Milky Face Wash.

  • A creamy face wash containing the perfect balance of amino acid detergent with a fatty acid potassium backbone and two kinds of polymers to create thick and bouncy lather that quickly and gently washes off impurities.

  • The dense, cushiony lather hugs skin tightly and gently removes impurities and unclogs pores. The foam-like texture has ultra absorbing capability that catches impurities to leave skin clearer and more radiant.

  • Blending in absorption hyaluronic acid instead of topical hyaluronic acid helps lock in moisture under skin better for all day smoothness and moisture. 

Key Ingredients & Benefits

  • Absorption hyaluronic acid (hydroxypropyltrimonium hyaluronate) - moisturizer

Directions for Use

  • Put approximately 1.5cm of product on palm, lather well with water or warm water, wash face with foam, and then rinse well.


$17.00 + Free Prime Shipping on Amazon

My Review:

I'm a huge Anna Sui brand & Japanese makeup fan so when I saw the new facial cosmetics line by Anna Sui I got super excited! Well, I'm a little on the fence with the Milky Face Wash.

I used it on an every second-day basis for one month before writing this review.

I guess I'll start with the parts I like the most, the packaging design - which is gorgeous as any Anna Sui item. It has the simple sleek black round cap (it does flop around really easily when you try to place it on it's head though). The actual tube is transparent and only decorated with the brand logo and product title but has a cute little frosted decorative print detail above and below.

Now for the parts, I'm not so fond of: The face wash scent is very strong to me. It's not a floral scent and has a very artificial note to it. It sticks with me throughout using it and only lingers a little after (thank god)

The foam lathers up extremely well - too well in fact that even a small amount just turns into a ton of soap. The 2 will last you FOREVER. This brings me to the part that really kills this product for me is that if just the tiniest smidge happens to get into your eye/nose/mouth it stings. It's a dreadful sensation and I noticed they even have a warning about it on Amazon!

It's kind of hard to rinse this stuff out of your eye without rubbing the product out of it. Just running water on your closed eye won't do it, believe me, I tried a few times.

I also noticed that the face wash leaves some type of residue that will make it even harder to get it out of your eye/nose/mouth. I seriously I never had this many issues keeping a product out of my eyes lol.

Now back to the residue, it makes my skin feel like it turned to plastic? I assume this is from the "absorption hyaluronic acid" in the product that supposedly locks into your skin. I hate touching my face during and right after using this face wash, I am absolutely not a fan of it. It makes my skin feel like it has a plastic rubbery layer that feels like it even repels water and it definitely does not feel dewy or moisturized during or after application. The sensation is pretty hard to describe.

I haven't noticed any considerable change in my pores after using it for a month, however, my husband has been using this daily in combination with a Clarisonic Mia Smart + Radiance Facial Cleansing Brush Head and his skin has achieved the softness of a baby's bottom. His pores have become considerably smaller as well, I'd say it's a size difference by around 60%. I noticed that he also doesn't seem to have the same reaction when the wash gets near his eyes, so it might just be my personal sensitivity.

To be honest, if my husband wasn't using it I'd have thrown it out and would be bummed about the purchase. For the low price, it's not bad at all though, if I bought it from Sephora or Ulta I'd have returned it after the first try since their return policies are fantastic.

Overall Rating:

❤❤❤♡♡ (3/5)

I didn't like the experience of using this product and I didn't see considerable changes in my skin. However, it absolutely worked for my husband with decent results after a month of using it daily, so I'm rating it 3 out of 5 stars. I'm taking off points for the strong smell and rubbery residue feeling.

I did get some other items from this new cosmetics line and I actually like those so this face wash might just not be for my personal taste!

How to purchase:

You can purchase the Anna Sui Milky Face Wash on Amazon, if you use the links on this blog post you will be redirected through my associate program links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

The seller on Amazon is Anna Sui Cosmetics and they offer free Prime shipping with Amazon fulfillment! I looked into the Anna Sui Cosmetics third party seller to make sure it's an authentic product and I do believe they are authentic. The reviews 96% positive overall and all the bad reviews seem to be from people not reading that Anna Sui sells product cases without product or issues caused by amazon fulfillment and not the seller. You can find their full Amazon presence here: Anna Sui Amazon.

The English Anna Sui website also carries the new cosmetics line and you can purchase the Anna Sui Web Store Milky Face Wash there. However, shipping on the Anna Sui website came to $12 to Los Angeles and would be fulfilled through UPS Domestic Ground Shipping with an estimated 5-10 business days. The convenience of 2-day prime shipping & purchasing through Amazon is what convinced me to try it out and I don't think I'd have purchased this if Amazon didn't carry it.

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