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Mom - Hila Klein

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Hila!

I really wanted to send some good vibes to Hila for her birthday! I've been a long-time H3H3 / H3Podcast / Teddy Fresh fan, and I've always wanted to pay some type of tribute to this absolute power couple. So I thought why not spend some time drawing something I love!?

Teddy Fresh in sight <3

Hila Klein has made quite an impact on my life. Over the past few years of watching their content, you can really see how she's grown.

I remember when she barely said a word, and now she's sitting there on the Podcast roasting everyone- and I'm here for it!

She embraces her own art, her fashion style, and she's overcome her shyness. She's started her own business and even became an American citizen! Not only that, but she seems like such a genuinely sweet, funny, and honest person.

It's also great to see her create amazing fashion pieces while being mindful of the garment quality and environmental footprint. You don't see that in many places anymore, and it's so refreshing to see someone actually care.

But back to both components of H3 - It's been such a fun ride to watch them become who they are today. Hila and Ethan are also true couple goals. I truly appreciate all the goofs and laughs.

I'm also an ESL speaker (German native) that found her own American husband and moved out to the states, so I definitely identify with Hila and her growth. It's such a peculiar process for an artist to figure out your own way, and it's so great to see someone truly embrace their talents. Hila's journey is a self-built success story, and it makes me feel like anything is possible if you work hard enough. :) In a way, she's a true mom—someone to look up to and be inspired by. So here goes! Have a wonderful Birthday Hila! Peace and Love!

alternative colorway for the bear <3

Now I'm going back to draw some other H3 podcast members, as girls, to join Hila ...

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