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A love letter to: Avina

A few weeks ago, the magnificent Avina posted about a Vivienne Westwood necklace and the matching Nana art, which was the perfect inspiration for a warmup sketch of her!

I finally got around to do it, and well, this is the result! Let’s say her ginormous Angelic Pretty bonnet has been living inside my head rent-free for a while! I’m glad I got it out, haha

I’ve wanted to draw some of the Lolita fashion individuals that inspire me for the longest time. I love how unique and out of the box Avina’s coordinates are! I fell in love with her style, and her ingenious coordinates are something that brightens my day every time I see them.

I admire Avina because it takes so much courage to follow your style and I can only strive to build up that courage for myself. Oftentimes I find myself struggling to follow my own heart and abandon what I feel is the norm in my fashion. I have this desire to just wear a full brand set with basic accessories when I really just want to go completely wild with my outfit, props, surroundings, and photos! Honestly I've always been too shy to expose my 'weirdness' and I really look up to someone that just manages to SHINE no matter what. Because in the end, we are dressing up for ourselves. So why stick to what everyone else wears?

Go check out her stunning works on Facebook at Avina-kei, Instagram @_avina_ or Twitter @avina_kei

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