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AIDungeon Time: Bully Edition

Oh god... this bully prompt was a bad idea! Honestly I just wanted to do a modern schoolgirl / delinquent look with a simple wig I got from Amazon and one of my more recent acquisitions ~ a Metamorphose Heart Leopard Stadium Jacket! I almost flipped out when I saw it pop up and I jumped for joy when my SS was able to snag it for me!

It's funny that there are no stock images of the colorway I own so here's the listing photo until I ever find the time to take a good image myself! I love how it's reversible but I'd only wear it inside out if the inside was the one of the grey colorway... however the thing is so old I'm not gonna get my hopes up of ever finding that! The jacket is from 2008 and the condition it is in is wildly good! I'm gonna be heartbroken when (not even gonna say 'if', I know myself too well) I damage it in some myriad way... Anyway, I combined the jacket with a simple tank top and a Vivienne Westwood necklace I treasure like, well, a treasure!

Vivienne Westwood Sorada Orb Pendant - Gold Tone - Large It was a birthday present from my stunning friend Yorcia - she's an amazing Twitch streamer and amazing Youtuber - she's always there for me and her support is just... amazing! She's a true inspiration to me. I love her! We got it together at the Vivienne Westwood store on Melrose and it was an experience LOL So whenever I wear it I think about her <3!

Vivienne Westwood Sorada Orb Earrings - Gold Tone So with my beloved necklace I wore the matching set of earrings and made my way off to style the wig! I absolutely love Sailor Moon-esque hair buns but dang they are a PAIN to style... It took me like an hour and in the end I still wanted to brush them out completely and redo it but I just didn't have the energy anymore and while they aren't perfect they will make do for now! This is the wig I used and dang, for $14.99 with Prime delivery on Amazon you really can't go wrong. It's not a super thick wig and very light but the quality is soft and it wasn't too hard to trim the bangs! It's definitely a step up from the regular cheap cosplay wigs that tend to fly around on Amazon. Bless the dropshipping companies that get the supply us fashion wigs from Taobao with Prime 1 day shipping delivery. This is gonna be a fun little thing to wear out when your hair is a mess and you don't wanna sweat too much due to the short cut!

I also snagged it in black/green and I can't wait to come up with a good story prompt to wear it with! :D

Ok let's dive into the #AIDungeon story summary!

AIDungeon shows me what karma truly means!

I, Aini, find myself going to some school, I'm a horrible human being, I blackmail, I toy with my boyfriend and his best friends feelings! Naturally, I can't take the fact that no one seems to keep me in check and I write in a guy that will take care of that. We don't hit it off very well and he instantly reveals that he's seen through me and knows how dirty I play! We bicker as he enters my life as a new student and before too long it turns out my boyfriend and his betie have feelings for another? Well, I'm not a total monster and I try to break it off so he can go off and be with his bestie! My nemesis enters the scene and manipulates the events to make it look like I'm breaking up because of him! Any chances of a platonic relationship with my ex ruined I angrily make my way home to ponder the events. Here is where the AI decides terrible people have terrible things happen to them and the guy ends up breaking into my room to attack me! I manage to get a hit in and flee to my parents - where I called a stop because it got TOO DARK! To be honest this episode was... too serious for me. Playing such a spireful character did a number on me and it seemed the AI kept a grudge into new stories I tried to roll with right ater so after some more depressing attempts I called it a night

What a ride!

You can watch the full streams on my Youtube Channel!

I had a whole slew of camera connection issues where I ended up restarting the stream so it's split into two videos!

AI Dungeon Time: Bully Edition #1

AI Dungeon Time: Bully Edition #2

No highlights here! I'm still reeling from this experience lol

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