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AIDungeon Time: Disneyland Edition

Let's be honest, I REALLY miss going to Disneyland! I had just gotten a new Annual Pass a week before California went under Safer at Home order! So I thought why not go on a virtual date with AIDungeon!

I just recently got ahold of the Fantastic Dolly Angelic Pretty rerelease which I wanna wear the next time I go to Disneyland anyway! So I threw that on combined with an older set of Minnie Ears and the outfit was set! I had quite a few issues with the makeup today though, every time I try to do smokey eyes I fail :(

Ok let's dive into the #AIDungeon story summary!

AIDungeon let's go on a Disneyland date!

I, Aini, find myself going on a date with AIDungeon, but we gave it a name now ~ Aiden, he's a handsome dude! ! Naturally, the first ride, It's a Small World brings him to tears and he confesses that he's a vampire?! We manage to make the AI forget by going on ride after ride in between wholesome interactions! We have dinner at the Blue Bayou restaurant, see Star Wars Rise of Resistance together and finally we watch the fireworks in a romantic setting before a viewer donation action get's Aiden killed by a hellhound and his dying wish is for us to take photos of him? Then we finish the night by riding the tea cups, spinning wheels in the Disneyland parking lot and sharing some In-n-Out! The date ends with rejections but the day was so sweet!

What a ride!

You can watch the full stream on my Youtube Channel!

Instead of story log highlights I present you with some Stream highlight clips!

It's always vampires!

RIP Aiden

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