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AIDungeon Time: Mermaid Edition #1

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

You know that feeling when you really feel like doing something, you spend a good amount of time getting ready and then it all just.. falls apart? Yeah this was this past weekend for me lol. It started on Friday when the second hard drive of my PC croaked, it's the one that houses my files so I couldn't edit until Sunday and by then my spirits were beaten to a pulp...

Friday also spelled the beginning of some fantastic internet downtime issues, and we spent most of it and Saturday offline. Thank god for Pokemon Go fest so we spent some time outside raiding/catching Pokemon. Mid-day we got lucky and someone from Spectrum was able to come out and fixed it the issue. Towards the end of the day I felt like streaming but didn't get myself in gear until way late again. However I just go have fun with my makeup and prompt idea anyway! I asked my dear friend Olivia if she had any ideas or things she'd like to see and she suggested a mermaid prompt!

By the way Olivia is also regularly streaming on Twitch, she's always up to some type of mischief and she's absolutely hilarious. She has a skill for summoning and teasing trolls and her makeup streams are hilarious as well. After we talked about it I thought it'd be neat to create a fantasy setting of a (hot) pirate guy that gets stranded on an island and a mermaid princess! The potential!

I looked through my wardrobe, I don't really own anything particularly mermaidy... I pulled out this pearl bustier my mom handed me down from her 80ies and it did suit quite well with a lavender vintage blouse! I just didn't button it up and wrapped the neck tie fo the blouse around my straps to keep it in place and voila, the base of a soft looking coordinate was born! I paired it with an Angelic Pretty petticoat and a ribbon as belt, then I placed some of my favorite corsages I made from my personal collection~ combined with an old old old Dream Holic wig, a Ficklewish indie brand ring, a bunch of heirloom pearls and finally some elf ears from Amazon and I was set!

Remember when I said the weekend was not going well? Yeah, as soon as I started to stream AiDungeon stopped working... It was SO frustrating. Sitting there with a decent idea in my head but not able to go on and explore it. There's something about collaborating with the AI on a story or an idea and seeing where it takes you and what you can create with it. It truly elevated the process of creative writing to a whole new level! But hey we.. we got 5 minutes of text out of it in the 90 minutes that I streamed...

Ok let's dive into the #AIDungeon story summary!

AIDungeon shows me just how bleak life without it really is!

I, the mermaid princess, find myself at a beach, I spy on a pirate! Naturally, he's quite handsome and he even catches me!To my surprise all he does is cut a strand of my beautiful pink hair before I can make my escape and dive away back into my underwater palace! We are introduced to our best friend, a punk rock shark (credit to Rjain for this guy, he's buff and got shades)! He kind of catches on that I got myself into some trouble...! At that point the AI was unusable and I just gave in and let it rest for the night. This is definitely a stream of suffering lol...

To be continued!

You can watch the full streams on my Youtube Channel!

I'll warn you ahead of time, this one is not content heavy lol.

AI Dungeon Time: Mermaid Edition #1

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