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AIDungeon Time: Witch Edition

I came up with this prompt when I played around on my own after stream and I really liked the setup of a witch student at a magical academy. Each student is assigned to a personal teacher and the girl would be assigned to the schools youngest prodigy teacher - an eccentric oddball! Oh it yielded such a fantastic test result! I KNEW I had to try that on stream! For the outfit I chose an older Antique BeasT Witch hat, a Victorian Maiden Roses and Birds Velveteen JSK and a taobao bolero.

I knew I was going to wear my pink gradient Alice Garden wig so I pulled out a matching floral corsage I made to put on the hat!

To imply a school uniform-esque feeling I used a treasured Mossbadger cat rosette I was gifted during my very first Rufflecon and a matching cat themed ring of hers as well! I love her amazing accessories and I have collection of her cat works. Jordana, the owner is such a genuinely sweet, creative and funny person! She's one of my favorite US Indie designers and I've learned so much from her during the times I got to meet her in person and interacted wkrisith her online! Not only is she super talented with her resin and rosette works, she also creates amazing unique dress prints that are on par with some of the designs that long standing Japanese brands such a Juliette et Justine have released. This is only reinforced by the fact that her brand is carried by stores such as Atelier Pierrot and her work has been repeatedly featured in the Brilliant Star Decoration - World Lolita Show ~ Buri Deco and Jordana has been travelling the international lolita fashion scene to bring her beautiful works to all corners of the world! I hope to make a post on her works and the items I own from her sometime! It all definitely deserves it's own spotlight!

In the meantime check out the Mossbadger website or facebook!

And finally a pink princess cat Tokimeki Gabriel ring (i had cat stuff planned for the story so it was a must!)!

Ok let's dive into the #AIDungeon story summary!

AIDungeon teach me how to be a witch!

I, Aini, find myself arriving at the magical academy, that's where your learn you are assigned to study under the tutelage of the academies prodigy teacher ~ Aeden, (that sounds... familiar)! Naturally, he's an eccentric guy and loves to act up and show off. We don't hit it off very well and he ruins my introduction at the school with his flashy ways! We bicker as he quickly figures out my weak points before I run off to Matt (what?!) who manages to save my first night at the academy? The next day Aeden turns me into a cat to the entertainment of him and the whole class! Everybody betray me - even Matt! ! The class ends and Aeden refuses to help me turn back into a human! Thankfully Master Ebon shows up, quite amused by our bickering, he offers us both a boost to our magical and physical powers which should ease the whole teaching situation greatly. Intrigued by the concept we happily oblige but wise Master Ebon forgets to mention that the whole process involves a marriage-esque soul bond and of course it's too late to abandon that whole thing by then! He's the worst!

To be continued?

You can watch the full stream on my Youtube Channel!

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