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Fanart: WTB - Metamorphose Temps de Fille Hospitality Doll

I've been eyeing this Metamorphose Temps de Fille treasure forever, and I figured since I can't get my hands on it, the least I can do to express my love for it is to draw it!

*grabby hands*

I remember seeing this image floating around the internet before I ever even got into the community so now that I am at a weight where I can fit ancient treasures like this I would love to fulfill my dreams of owning some older iconic pieces. So while I might not own it (hopefully yet) I thought I'd imagine how I'd coordinate it.

fist clenched, because I WANT IT SO BAD Pink x Red x White is such a neat color combo that I wouldn't even dare to bring anything else into it. To the contrary, I'd almost want to focus on the reds!

For the shoes I would pick some boots with lace detail to evoke the lace on the edge of the OP- so this set of BTSSB Betty long boots with pink (or maybe red) shoelaces. The heels on them are a lot shorter than the strap platform heels by Metamorphose by Meta and I think those and the platform boots would kill me but if I found them I'd get them just for some pictures (not looking to break my ankles ngl lol) the other thing is I did own the regular platform heels once as second hand and the pleather dissolved within moments of even putting them on :(

Accessory wise I am not going to get my hopes up of ever obtaining the cross pins or the nurse armband, I think they are in too high of a demand. So I figured it would be best to stay realistic and dream up of an alternative that I myself would make...

Photo credit to lavenderlilly it seems her Tumblr is dead though...

So I figured cute little heart upholstery pillow pins! I made some painted ones for 2020's Ursa Major event and I think I could slap out a handful of them if I ever got my hand on the dress!

I KNOW I can make you!!!

Oh yeah, and the hat well... I'd STUDY THE BLADE, no I mean I'd learn how to make myself a little cap like the Metamorphose Sheryl's Mini Hat and make that to match. An iconic lolita dress like Hospitality Doll deserves an insane amount of work like making matching accessories!

Speaking of the Macross collaboration Sheryl Nome set... it also comes with this AMAZING garter belt which is just another one of those dream items I doubt to ever find.

and finally, I do think the three-quarter sleeve OP cut is pretty short looking that it could only be complemented with something equally ero/outrageous such as red thigh high stockings! I can only imagine the 'fun' I would have trying to buy 20 different pairs to find which red matches best, haha but hey... a girl can dream!!!

So yeah this is a fanart / WTB shout into the internet void.

Wanna sell me your set?

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