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Animal Crossing Design: Lolita - Angelic Pretty Cat's Tea Party

After I got the hang of the custom design tool in Animal Crossing New Horizons I made one of my absolute all time favorite prints:

Angelic Pretty Cat's Tea Party JSK

What I like most about this design is that each cat looks like a meme cat in the Animal Crossing pixel style!

EVERY time I look at the dress in game I see this:

All jokes aside, this print is what got me into drawing Lolita fashion in the first place, brings back memories of meeting Kira imai at PMX in 2015 and was the real inspiration to turn my life around and lose weight! I'll most likely make a post about all of that in the future! However for now here are the download codes for Cat's Tea Party in both colorways!

You can find all of my designs in game under creator code: MA-6110-1218-0762

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