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Animal Crossing Design: Lolita - Angelic Pretty Cinema Doll

Oh man I've totally fallen in love with Animal Crossing New Horizons! Like I mentioned before I've already sunk an unholy amount of time into the game... but before I had built up a fun in game wardrobe collection, I made myself custom dress designs in the style of my favorite jfashion Lolita dresses!

Angelic Pretty - Cinema Doll One Piece Dress

I started off with this Cinema Doll Design since I'm still swooning over my last dress purchase! The in game custom pixel art app is super fun to work in and I really like the color palette swap option, which makes it so easy to create all the colorways of the print collection! They did a fantastic job on the UI functions for it!

I even made two versions of each dress since I don't like the darkness of the netting on the one piece in game at all times.

You can find all of my designs in game under creator code: MA-6110-1218-0762

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