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Art WIP - Rebirth: Flower Girl

About a thousand years ago (beginning of August 2020) I started working on this little drawing of my Rebirth protagonist but I never finished it! I knew I wanted her to look over a field of greenery and while I was moving some files between my iPad and GDrive I feel this needed some TLC.

So after a 5 hour stream it's somewhat closer to completion (maybe...)

This is what I started with (minus some of the grass but that's neither here nor there lol...

I honestly want to scream when I look at her arm and her hand holding down the little hat because something just doesn't feel quite right (also her face is a constant source of frustration...) I keep falling into these cycles of redrawing the same thing over and over until I can't stand what I'm doing anymore and then I end up reverting it all wasting lots of time! Fuuun :(

Anyway, I did have fun coming up with a background for her, it's not quite what I had envisioned in my mind but I assume she's looking over the fields and we have a view of her so we only see the mountainside from our POV? Maybe? Haha... We shall see if I ever finish this one! Fingers crossed!

If you are interested in reading the rebirth story it's actually up on my Wattpad: Countless Times

Or alternatively, you can watch the live stream where I'm wearing the protagonist's outfit while collaborating with AiDungeon and my amazing Twitch chat on what happens in the story!

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