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Lolita Dr. Drew

My beloved friend IndicaOuch keeps feeding me the strangest art requests... So yes, THIS is Dr. Drew, Aini-fied.

In Lolita fashion. Wearing Metamorphose's Hospitality Doll.

Need I say more?! No. IndicaOuch is happy (she's a Dr. Drew SIMP) - and that's all that matters to me!

There's a special place in hell for me after drawing this and I know it...

I went with a heartsy and cute hairstyle (as a reference to Loveline - where I first heard of Dr. Drew after moving to LA a decade ago, lol). The heart ribbons are inspired by hair and makeup artist Okamura.Yusuke's genius. You can also follow their incredible work on Twitter!

For the outfit, I had to go with a "doctor" related Lolita dress so intrinsically. Hospitality Doll was the only choice. I considered Engelsbeginn for the blue color scheme to match Dr. Drew's logo, but I felt it wasn't as recognizable. Also, I'd murder for this set. It's one of the last dream Lolita items I MUST acquire in this lifetime... Engelsbeginn is definitely an idea for another time!

Um anyone wanna sell me their Hospitality Doll set? *wink*

I'd die for this set.

Let's see what the next cursed request by IndicaOuch is going to be!

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