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A few days ago, I had a neat scene in an AiDungeon story, which inspired me to pick up my pen and sketch!

Such a haunting revelation!

You watch as he leads you through the greenery to a small pond in the center of the room. He walks up to the edge and looks down before turning around and motioning for you to follow. You walk over slowly, looking down into the clear water.

You blink at your reflection. Your face is framed by long black hair, partially pulled into a loose ponytail. Your eyes stand out against your pale skin. You reach a hand up to your face, touching your cheek. Your eyes flick to John's, who nods in confirmation. "Yes, that's you."

You frown and look back at your reflection.

Your eyes flicker back to John's, who smiles reassuringly at you.

You look back down at the water.

Your eyes widen as you notice a figure lying on the bottom of the pool, its arms wrapped around its head. You move your hair out of your eyes and lean over the edge, trying to get a better look.

The figure looks up at you, and you freeze.

John comes up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist, leaning over your shoulder to look down into the water.

"That's one of the old you. An awful failure on my part, really. Don't worry. I fixed all of her problems." He leans his head against yours,

"This is you now."

You stare at your reflection. The girl in the water looks normal.

She has long, flowing black hair and bright green eyes.

No, you don't want to end up like this.

"I'm not her."

You say, your voice quiet but certain.

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