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Empress + Gloom Strip

This character is from a recent AiDungeon story, and I’ve completely fallen in love with her. She’s one of those characters that doesn’t get a name because everyone just uses formal words to address her, and I live for it. 💖

I realized on my last few drawings that I’d make a very dark base then fight hours on lightening them back up, so I thought I’d just try doing the opposite this time and started by lightening my sketch and outlining that.

I love how it turned out, and it saved me quite some time as well.

Finally, I added some jewelry with the smart brushes in Clip Studio Paint because, in the story, she has jewelry braided into her hair, her outfits, etc. Jewelry absolutely everywhere!

This is definitely a fun style I want to experiment with more!

Some initial sketch progress shots, rough as heck!

Finally, I had a very intense scene in the story that I wanted to try and illustrate, but I quickly gave up because it would be insane amounts of work, and I quite honestly don't have the skills for that at this time. But maybe someday!

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