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Eternity: Sci-Fi/Romance Preview Chapter

I just finished polishing this preview version for the first half chapter of my space romance/science fiction adventure story!  

Story Content TW: Mild NSFW, Death, Violence/Blood/Gore

You can take a peek at Eternity: 1 on my Wattpad!

"How did we meet?" Dasha snorts, then shakes her head. "My, it was most romantic..."

Imagine it like this: Earth - Humankind is trying to save what's left of their civilization by offering one of their elites to the noble alien tribal Kyros, the savior of humanity!

He saved them from the slave traders a decade ago. But he vanished back into the depths of space soon after, off to save another poor planet from the slavers.

A year of relative peace, the calm before the storm...

Yes. The slavers came back. They always do, don’t they?

They’ve spent the past decade slowly bleeding the planet dry of its inhabitants.

But thank the heavens, for fortune was in humanities favor!

News of the return of the savior of earth spread throughout our system like wildfire.


"But how do you lure him in a little faster? A little incentive..."

You lean in closer, as does he.

His eyes narrow, and he answers, hissing, "A human wife."

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