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Moar Monster Girls: Bogey

Well, I've been having a blast coming up with character designs based on other people's #aiDungeon prompts. So far, I've tackled all kinds of monster girls, and this type was a new one for me!

"The horns on their head and their fluffy, big arms and legs are soft like a plush toy stuffed full of cotton. " I threw Bogey Monster Girl into google and only got fanart of one particular design. How boring!

I had to make my own. First, I played around with the prompt for it to give me a better description. Her skin is a pasty white, with her paws being a lighter shade of pink. The Bogey smiles at you warmly, bowing her head a little before speaking again. Her hair is wild and untamed, and its color is somewhere between white and light gray. "Hello," she says in that same soothing tone, "I am a Bogey. You can call me whatever you want, really, as long as it's not rude. May I stay here with you for the night?" Well, considering the girl would be a gigantic plush toy, I figured she would make the perfect canvas to introduce some custom embroidery options! I had the opportunity to chat with the original story prompt creator, and he threw me this super cute chain of hearts stitch:

It's so cute, but it would be SUCH a pain to do in real life. Anyway, once I saw that my heart was smitten and I instantly knew where I was going to go with my drawing! I went a little overboard with the details, and I am almost tempted to make her whole outfit in real life. If I ever manage to clone myself, I'd create my own sweatshop and put myself to work. For the semi observant, I designed those same embroidery heart brooches last year! Crazy how long ago that was...

I've already made 3 of them so far, but the thought of making more seems a little daunting. They are so much work!

For her legs, I imagined different fabrics being combined and fastened together with broad silk or organza ribbons. I kept the heart stitch prominent throughout the whole design as well since it literally stole my heart! For her horns, I referenced renaissance/medieval inspired sleeves. Since the horns are supposedly soft and pliable - like a pillow - they might as well have some soft fluffy fabric windows! I couldn't really pin down what they are called exactly. I think they are called paned or baragoni sleeves? Google is not providing me the answers for this one, and I spent a good 30 minutes trying to find their name without success.

Anyway here is a timelapse of some outlines on top of the colored piece. As always I suck at different contrast levels and everything started to blend together so I needed to add darker lines!

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