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A love letter to: Revenge Wife

A while ago, I started a love-letter series, drawing people that inspire and influence me, and I finally managed to finish another one for this series! This one is going to be focused on Liz Nistico: She's currently making her solo debut as Revenge Wife and was the vocalist of brat pop duo HOLYCHILD, which is currently on an indefinite hiatus.

Liz has been releasing a series of hauntingly beautiful music videos, and I've been itching to draw her for a while. When "Manifest" came out, I knew I had to draw something.

Revenge Wife - Manifest (Official Video)

I love how Liz went for a raw, chilling, even possibly triggering horror theme in her videos. That's exactly my jam. I can only imagine how difficult but fun it must have been to shoot these on her own.

My favorite scene is the slow-motion chase with the red light. I really want to grab my iPhone and do something like that myself for fun sometimes. It's just mesmerizing! I played with the composition and tried to include my favorite part of the music video, but I couldn't quite make it work. It did work for a cute little social media post, though! I really liked the visuals of the beginning of the video, where she's tied up - in regards to the lyrics, I thought it would make a fantastic choice. "I'm always struggling" "I'm ready to grow." Breaking free? Yeah. I like that.

They say manifest, fuck that. The middle finger? Well, I mean... I think that's self-explanatory, haha... I pray Liz doesn't hate me for drawing her flipping people off happily.

I also really enjoyed the outfits in the video, created by BIRTHDAY GIRL. Something about those patterns just caught my mind's eye, and I knew I wanted to include those bright and happy motives in the piece I'd be drawing. I felt like I couldn't do the mushrooms justice with how I drew the shirt, and the tights also didn't fit many of the kissy lips... so a background had to do!

I redrew the cute pattern myself, and ALL credit goes to BIRTHDAY GIRL. Check out how dang cute the original pattern looks on their clothing on Instagram! Since Liz's boyfriend wears the floral outfit, I went with that - so he's represented as well!

And finally, a little close up for the insanity that is my way of coloring.

Alrighty... go listen to Manifest!

Okay, and now let's get to the gushy part! A little history for this entry in my Loveletter series...

I've admired HOLYCHILD since Spotify blessed me with their genius in my Discover Weekly queue somewhere around 2015. I instantly fell in love with Money All Around and began looping their tracks on Spotify day and night. As fate would have it, they opened for a Ryn Weaver concert I attended the same year, and I've been hooked ever since.

I remember laying my eyes on Liz Nistico for the first time: crazy golden pants (which totally came off later on!), the coolest white harness, and a super cute green wig.

Liz was a vision in neon green.

I told you, the pants came off!

Her spirit captivated me in an instant, and my love for HOLYCHILD's unique music exploded through the roof! It was so neat to see the duo behind the music that consistently accompanied me throughout my latter twenties.

I'm not sure how to put it into words, but the vibe and emotions of this pop duo perfectly synchronized with me. To me, HOLYCHILD's music has always been hauntingly beautiful, provocative, and raw.

So I made sure to attend the next concert I could get my hands on! It would be a few years, but I finally got another chance in 2018!

By this time, HOLYCHILD's music had become a big part of me, soothing and empowering me through life, so getting to experience another performance by Louie and Liz was a real treat.

The Theatrical Death of Julie Delicious stole my heart, and it will never let me go. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to experience my favorites live! So many bangers,