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Kawaii Maleficent!? The heck...?

Well... I mean... yes? Maleficent must have been a tiny cute girl at SOME point in her life no?

Gosh she's so cute I just want to PINCH HER CHEEKS.

When it's your BFF IndicaOuch's birthday month then you fulfill her EVERY request. EVERY ART REQUEST!

Her outfit is definitely a struggle-source for me. I have no clue how to illustrate that skirt. *nervous crying*

Oh and for her spooky bird, I had to give her the "Lemme smash"-bird...

Let me add some WIP screencaps:

At some point, I even wanted to risk making her sexy but I got spooked by everything and quickly abandoned ship.

And then I started drawing little comics next to it whenever I needed a break:

I feel like she'd pick up Hades' vibes if she hung out with the other Disney villains as a teen :D I think he'd be a terrible influence on her hehe...

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