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Living the Loaf Life

I’m happy to report that I haven’t been completely idle even if I’m dealing with some health issues at the moment!

My dear friend is working on starting up a brand and offered me the opportunity to design her new brand logo - or should I say... bread logo!

For this type of work I generally like to ask about the commissioners vision and see if anything pops into my mind.

Her words were:

“I’m launching this website where everything will be bread themed”

I was in awe, I loved the idea, bread is amazing and aesthetic and fun! i got the feeling this was just the type of project I could sink my teeth in and go wild with!

Her following words just gave me the final push and I just knew I had to do it:

“The name of the store is Loaf Lyfe

yeah I’m in!

So the first step for me was to just toss out some styles and ideas, I whipped up a rough sketch of different options. Ven though the initial talks didn’t involve cats the name just evokes a fat cat being a loaf of bread in my head so I quietly sneaked it into my designs and to my surprise we actually decided to go with one of them!

I presented the concept ideas and we decided to go with a full bread font version for the text as well as a nicely rendered version of the cat loaf.

Then I created clean lines for both text and the cat loaf. I also played with the way the decorative razor cuts would look. I did simple round ones and a more edgy variety that feels a bit more hip than cutesy. Displayed in the bottom left below, definitely gives me tiger vibes haha!

We abandoned the hip-ish version and went with the cuter rounded shape instead. Now when I started this I was told the design might be used for all-over print stuff. So I wanted to create a realistic texture version that would really let me showcase some texture and coloring work.

I picked only a handful of color shades in the same warm tone family, then i applied thin lines and textured watercolor brushes to imitate the shape and texture of bread.

I spent quite some time googling bread references, this was my favorite resource image which reminds me of a fresh Rosen Semmel from my home state Bavaria in Germany! Oh how I miss carbs sometimes!

I spent a lot of time trying to imitate the texture and I really enjoyed working on this piece! Overall I drew 20 individual loves of bread! Now that I drew so many different shapes I can easily cut them up to create new letters if I need that!

I didn‘t want to rest until looking at the bread made me physically want to eat bread haha! So once I reached that point I stopped and it was complete!

The final result, a cute cat living her best loaf lyfe!

I‘m definitely excited to see what what Loaf Lyfe has in store for us in the near future!

You can already check out the shop site over here: Loaf Lyfe Shop

And to finish it all off, here is my mandatory time lapse:

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