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New Stream, Who dis?

The last time I joined a multiplayer Twitch stream, I felt a little awkward...

I realized quickly that I hadn't done much in terms of preparation, so this time I took a minute to sit down and gather who I even am!

Hi there! I am Virginia, a German native living in Los Angeles.

Online, I go by Aini or Ainiwaffles. (like the Chinese "Wo ai ni," but anything works really, Annie, Ani, Ini, Waffles - don't worry about the pronunciation :D)

I've grown up as a passionate gamer alongside my parents, and I'm also a bookworm. I have a few years of community management in the gaming industry (a few mobile game titles). Currently, I'm working as a digital content executive at Google for the German market.

Being an artist with a passion for fashion makes me absolutely thrilled to have found AiDungeon!

It has quickly become the creative fuel for everything I've done since I discovered the game at the beginning of July.

AIDungeon has lit the flames behind my passions and skills. I've been sailing on an artistic wave ever since.

So far, I've created short comic strips, full-blown illustrations of my stories as well as fun cosplays of my story characters:

I've written fun blog posts about my experiences, and I'm hosting my starting to edit and host my stories over on my Wattpad.

I'm also always finding new things to try my hand at! Right now, I'm learning how to consistently keep track of my world-building with Legendkeeper while I play!

But let's steer this back to streaming!

Shortly after playing, I had an idea: combining the roleplaying aspects of AID with real-life fashion and makeup on Twitch - and it's been a blast!

There's something absolutely magical about creating a coherent story combined with my Twitch chat or just taking people along for the usual wild AID ride!

I admit that I've streamed about 200 hours of AIDungeon on Twitch, and I don't even want to know how many hours I have played the game itself in total...

Now let's round back to AiDungeon!

I tend to only play only in "Story" mode when I play AID (so please forgive with me if I mess up during MP, haha)

I also keep a very tight leash on the AI with a fair amount of refreshing, altering, and editing its outputs to keep a semi-directed story narrative thread. I like to say that I offer my crappy ideas - in the form of my hand and AI, and it takes it, and we create fun trash together, hand in hand.

I'm absolutely blown away by AIDungeon, and it's endless capabilities. From the limitless playstyles to being a writer's tool that can be tailored to every person's personal preferences from language ability (ESL) down to the actual formatting.

Anyway, It's delightful to meet you!

Maybe this intro will make interacting less ... weird?

Or maybe it will make it weirder...

But as my dearest Twitch idol Yorcia advised me:

"I think it'll be awkward the first time ever regardless though."
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