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Parks, Trees and Squirrels

We started leaving the apartment more often to pick up food from our favorite dine-in restaurants and then head to the beach or the park to enjoy it at a distance. Today‘s trip was to the park, and it was absolutely wonderful!

It's time to wear Halloween clothes!

First of all, I got to nom my favorite food, lamb! Then we had a little walk throughout the park, and well, the squirrel gods smiled down upon me today!


A thousand years ago (in 2017), I took a random squirrel encounter video outside my apartment, and for some reason, I receive daily comments on it...?

I feel like people must be seeking out wholesome squirrel content in these dire times, so whenever I see a squirrel, I pull out my camera and pray for another „friendly encounter of the squirrel kind“...

Today I thought I had another failed attempt on my hands where the critter runs off (another person approached it right before me, and he def spooked it by briskly walking up to it, haha), but my persistence of filming it vibing against the tree. To my surprise, my patience (desperation) was rewarded - handsomely!

I chickened out on touching it again, BUT I have another cute video which I‘ll be posting to YouTube soon, haha!

I really want to try my hand at editing the video with the comments that some people have made on the first video because there are some real gems in there... I am, however, SO rusty because I haven’t touched After Effects in uhhh 5 years? Something like that... I attempted iMovie and other apps, but that stuff doesn’t even come close... if I‘m going to spend time on it, I would prefer to do it the right way. I think a small video like this would be great to train on since I‘d like to make highlight reels for my old Twitch/Art/AiDungeon videos!

Advice that I need to start to follow!

After the squirrel encounter, we finished our walk, and I got a little picture of my stupid outfit.

Me, in my Halloween tights, cat shirt + beret, and pirate boots. October is the only time I feel allowed to be wearing these pants.

I like to take photos of plants that catch my eye, so here is a strange tree that caught my eye.

I don’t know anything about the Californian flora & fauna, but I got major underwater algae vibes from its movement.

There were also little sprouts coming out of the tree base, very cute!

I love the vibrant greens sprouting out of the greyish brown bark!

To top it all off, I got quite lucky in PomemonGo and snagged this shiny Yamask! I haven’t played much lately, so it feels absolutely undeserved.

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