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Throwback Time 01: Seraphim Dreams

I didn’t fully cease creating art in the past year and I feel like I created a few pieces that have a specia meaning to me. I’d like to take a bit of time and run you through some of my thoughts and process steps!

My last post was a small showcase of my corsage products for the The Seraphim's Forest event in San Jose. So let’s just pick up from there!

For this event I really wanted to wear my own work. I attended so many fashion events up until then and I often failed to represent my own work.

My biggest issue was that I created without a garment of my own in mind.

This time I did though!

The very first time I saw the cover art for the Seraphim Forest Event on facebook I was inspired! I recalled my first OTT lolita outfit from Rufflecon 2015!

Babies first posing exposure, next to the most delightful @ailes.grises - make sure to stop by her Instagram for perfect coordinate inspiration!

I wore a fun white Metamorphose temps de file one piece, combined with a long little dipper underskirt. The one piece dress front ribbons were added by me, they are just some cream satin ribbon pieces from the LA fashion district. I also purchased real dove wings off of ebay for this ensemble. The wings were actually exposing the bones on the inside but I carefully covered that with felt and pieces of feather trim (also from the La fashion district). I embellished those with a few stick on glue pearls and sewed on clips in order to attach them to my hair.

Anyway! I really wanted to revisit this look! Back then I didn’t work with florals - so now was the right time!

I didn’t plan the colors at all, i simply went to my floral supply drawers and picked out everything I liked. Apparently a purple and green theme was quickly established

One night I just sat down and got to work. I wanted to make a statement and settled on one very large piece that was meant to drape down my waist.

I actually had these neat green baubles that reflect light which I put throughout the pieces. If I remember correctly they were actually Christmas tree decorations! I always love hunting for unique pieces during the holiday seasons!

After creating about 5 different sized pieces I put the dress on the floor and arranged them on it.

Aaand I was set, pretty much! All that was left was working on the backings. I added 5 clips to the big piece and no idea how many more onto the others! The main piece is so large that it almost doesn’t bend. I was scared it would damage the fabric due to the weight but luckily with the backing clips spaced correctly I had the weight distributed evenly.

I created a total of 7 clips. I didn’t wear all of them during the event since I simply ran out of space to place them. I actually sold a few of the smaller unworn pieces. I hope they found loving homes!

In the end I had a most wonderful time at the event! I still wish I had had the time to create a chiffon cape but maybe I can do that in the future!

I met Minori an that was just a magical experience! I hope to draw courage & inspiration from her in the future and go all out on an outfit again!

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