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Your Love is my Drug

Something pink for Valentine’s Day!

Another Clip Studio Paint piece I played around with a lot! I finished this a while ago and had a lot of fun testing out different brushes during the line art process.

When I drew this I knew I wanted a menhera-esque inspired theme with a soft ero touch.

First quick sketch, I was actually really pleased with it.

I only took a picture of the sketch and loaded it into CSP to work with for my concept. I really liked the little eyes and eyebrows! From there on I started playing with different brush types for lineart.

Hard and sharply defined lines, definitely my old style that I’m going to try and ditch.

As always I struggled with the fact that I draw naked ladies but wussed out and gave her something to cover up her chest area since I didn’t like the shading work of it that I did on it!

Since it was in such a late stage of the progress I went with some ruffles on a simple pink top that is drawn on top of the shaded bust area, so if I make the lineart version a download I will need to redo the top 💦

Also I had way too much fun drawing little animal faces in the hair!

Can you find all 9 of them? There’s a guest star hidden as well, kinda hard to tell from the angle she’s at but Isabella from Animal Crossing is there too!

I can’t stop drawing fangs lately.

And to finish it off here is a little progress timelapse!

I wish everyone a great Valentine’s day!

See you next time!

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