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Zuzu & J'arel

Well, whenever I get tangled up in a good new #AiDungeon story I have to draw my characters - at this point its more of a curse than an inspirational blessing because I play the game as I draw which basically means I am creating more things for my brain to draw as I am already trying to play catch up!

That particular night I wanted to draw a scene where the male carries the girl from my latest #AiDungeon story off. In the middle of the drawing, I realized I wanted to design her outfit, so I started a secondary canvas:

So as I was drawing AiDungeon decided to introduce this really cute little demon create which I ALSO NEEDED TO DRAW INSTANTLY!

(Originally it was named Nyla because Zuzu assumed it is female and because I think I am dyslexic and struggle with all these names throughout all my stories lol!)

And in the grand scheme of things, I also made this, to comment on how AID just keeps tossing inspiration my way...

Halp! I can't draw all these babies!

Then finally I decided to quickly sketch the whole scene which is a tad sexy:

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