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Give me cats n' mushrooms and I‘ll be forever happy!

I haven’t really dressed up in #lolitafashion recently so when I went for a small doodle meet I took the chance to put together a comfy #otome coordinate! I didn’t get any pictures of me wearing it because I‘m a clutz, so I’m improvising! Beret: Vivienne Westwood ベレー 帽子 ORB刺繍 バスクベレー ベレー帽 Netting hair accessory: Vintage Cat Brooch: @mosscat25 Blouse: Baby the Stars Shine Bright Jsk: Juliette et Justine Les Champinions Robe (JSK) レ シャンピニオン ローブ Floral Feather Corsage: @ainiwaffles Socks: Juliette et Justine Les Champinions Chausettes - レ シャンピニオン ショセット And of course cat butt: Rage

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