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Heavenly Kittens

I‘m so happy I finally found Kira Imai's Le Chat Angèlique Op! After snagging that I got super lucky and saw that the matching tote bag was still in stock at Harajuku Hearts and nabbed that as well!

Both treasures arrived this week so I sat down and put together a quick coordination!

I can’t wait to wear this out and about!

Headband: Juliette et Justine - Le ruban de la poupee (Doll Ribbon Head Bow)

One Piece Dress: Kira Imai - Le chat angélique ワンピース

Flower Corsage: Aini (me!)

Angel Wing Clips: Hima Kawagoe

Necklace, Earring, Bracelets: #vintage

Rings: Cat Ring - Twinkle Etoile

Ribbon & Cat Ring: Tokimeki Gabriel

Bag: Kira Imai - Le chat angélique

Keychain: Kira Imai - Alice In Wonderland Keychain

Tights: Kira Imai - Ivory Cat Tights

Socks: Angelic Pretty - Dream Shell Crew Length Socks

Kitty Slippers: Jeffrey Campbell - Plush Faux Fur Animal Slipper, White Cat

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